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Service Models

There are four basic service models for iEDeX™; B2B Managed Service, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and On-Premise Turn Key solution. Each of the four models have unique advantages depending upon the needs and desires of your business and B2B integration requirements. Part of being a flexible service is having multiple methods of deployment to respond to your ever changing business requirements, while meeting the demands placed upon you by your trading partners and your competitors. The extent of your internal IT capabilities and resources also impacts your ability to respond to new requirements. These business drivers will guide the selection process and aid in determining the appropriate service model for your business.

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In the SaaS and PaaS models, iEDeX™ requires no software license or new hardware; as upgrades to the services are made you immediately receive the benefit. iEDeX™ does not lock you into any specific configurations and thus does not become a limiting variable in your future software or hardware decisions. As a service, iEDeX™ can expand and grow as your need for data collaboration expands and grows. New solutions can be added to an existing platform without replicating costs of software licenses and hardware.

Our platform is hosted in a secure data center with fully redundant power and communication systems. A complete disaster recovery plan is in place and regularly tested to ensure consistency and reliability.

UpNet makes on-going support available in all service models for the iEDeX™ platform. This ensures that the ongoing data collaboration is done at the highest quality level. From monitoring connections, communications, and translations, UpNet is able to ensure that the full potential of iEDeX™ is delivered every time data is exchanged. iEDeX™'s primary method of deployment within an infrastructure is public cloud, allowing seamless migration between service models as business changes dictate.

B2B Managed Service (SaaS)

Keeping in mind the demands on trading partners while leveraging best-practices and compliance with business partners, UpNet's B2B Managed Service is a fast to deploy and easily configured model that enables businesses to meet their trading partner demands without heavy investment in IT resources or high-cost integration solutions.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Garnering the same benefits of the B2B Managed Service model, while allowing you to blend your internal IT capabilities, the Software as a Service model facilitates the desire for businesses to carry-out self on-boarding. This shared responsibility and control for trading partner connectivity combines both in-house and outside expertise delivering a fast to deploy, fast to connect solution.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

When configurable will no longer do, iEDeX™ can expand and grow into a Platform as a Service (PaaS) to allow deeper customization and dexterity in meeting your business demands. Further leveraging your internal IT capabilities to solve your integration challenges and meet your business needs with a cost-effective solution.

On-premise Turn Key

Purchased as an On-Premise Turn Key solution, iEDeX™ is delivered as a licensed software and hardware package. Located within your infrastructure and managed by your IT staff, the iEDeX™ Turn Key solution transfers the responsibility and ownership to you. You have complete control from the hardware all the way through to the end-user experience. UpNet optionally provides remote service management of the platform and full service support on all aspects of the data transformation and exchange environment. Our team works closely with your IT staff to ensure that hardware and the physical environment support the platform SLA requirements. The Turn Key solution is appropriate in many situations including when iEDeX™ plays an essential supporting role in a larger solution.

Value Add Options

Dedicated Environment

In order to meet unique compliance and performance standards, some of our clients have chosen a dedicated deployment of the iEDeX™ platform. UpNet maintains the same levels of security, control, and redundancy. A dedicated environment ensures the entire communication, processing, exchange, translation, and storage of data resides on the system infrastructure dedicated to the client.

Although this is a unique instance of our platform, the dedicated environment solutions receives the same high level of full service and support. In a dedicated environment, our client's own their dedicated hardware, but have no additional costs, people, process, and technology.

Mirrored Deployment

A hybrid of the dedicated environment and On-premise Turn Key solution, the mirrored deployment provides for a fully supported, dedicated deployment in the UpNet data center while running a mirrored instance in real-time and processing data in the on-premise deployment. UpNet provides full support to the dedicated environment and remote service management of the on-premise deployment. The client owns the related hardware and maintains the hardware in their location.