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iEDeX Applications

Order Management
Logistics Network Manager
Order management enables any party to process and manage their inbound orders. Replacing traditional phone, fax, and e-mail methods, OM automates order generation and fulfillment allowing expanded visibility while simplifying processing and financial reconciliation. Logistics Network Manager connects shippers, customers, 3PLs, carriers, vendors, and partners. The application facilitates the procurement of transportation services allowing a unified view into your global shipping activities.
Customer Purchasing Gateway
Supplier Relationship Manager
Creating a cohesive network between distributors/resellers and manufacturers, the Customer Purchasing Gateway enables manufacturers to automate order taking while giving distributors/resellers an online workspace. Through this workspace, manufacturers can provide real-time product visibility. Supplier Relationship Manager enables you to take control of your vendor supply network, cultivating a closer understanding between the supplier and manufacturer or retailer. Helping to bridge the information gap through collaboration and enhanced visibility tools such as ASNs.
Business Analytics

411Status 411

Harnessing data from the iEDeX™ platform, Business Analytics is a powerful addition to an overall Business Intelligence (BI) solution. This meaningful information promotes better informed management decisions, delivering greater value from your transactional data. Status 411 provides the backroom view of the iEDeX™ platform. Transparency to this unprocessed and processed data allows technical teams to monitor, support, and view the transactions taking place as they occur.