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Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

UpNet's comprehensive Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) solution simplifies and streamlines supply chain operations, efficiently manages inventory, standardizes communication, and reduces supply chain costs by managing business interactions with all of your suppliers, contract manufacturers, and off-shore sourcing partners. UpNet's SRM standardizes the free flow of business information to enable effective communication between you and your suppliers—even if they use different business practices, terminology, and technology.

Our SRM solution incorporates best practice methodology and software to support the information flow component of supply chain management. The capabilities provide full visibility of inbound logistics including order management, vendor compliance, and order tracking status delivered directly into your ERP, PIM, or through any web browser.



  • Achieve visibility to goods in route
  • Improved business relationships and customer service
  • Reduced costs / Increased cash flow 
  • Higher accuracy of supplier fulfillment
  • Enhanced inventory management and accuracy
  • Increased productivity through shipment visibility
  • Better management of the receipt of goods
  • Reduce paper usage and cost of storage
  • Anywhere access to real-time visibility
  • Error-free communication


  • Automated Advance Shipment Notices (ASN)
  • Full inbound logistics visibility
  • Vendor compliance automation
  • Inventory management
  • Automated freight bill invoicing and payment
  • Real-time tracking
  • Event management
  • Business partner network