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Purchase-to-Pay (P2P)

UpNet's comprehensive SaaS solution extends your ERP systems, connects all users through one flexible interface, and automates your entire Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process. Within the same interface, you can quickly connect and collaborate with suppliers for all goods and services, and process every purchase from inception to completion. You will achieve greater compliance when you have more control and visibility. With greater efficiency than ever, you're able to buy the right goods and services from the right suppliers, all at the right time and price.

Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) solution sends purchase orders, receives order confirmations, collects ASNs, posts and reviews the receipt of goods and services, identifies and notifies exceptions, accepts and verifies invoices, and issues accurate and timely payments. P2P provides all the necessary tools and information end-users need to manage their day to day business activites. Status411's transaction lifecycle reports offer a complete view of every transaction and provide management the timely information they need.

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UpNet's P2P solution is tailored to fit your current business practices and purchase-to-payment workflow. This customization by UpNet's professionals requires no additional software or staff investments. Our capabilities are delivered directly into your ERP, PIM or through any internet browser.


  • Drive compliance
  • Enhances trading partner collaboration
  • Expanded control and visibility
  • Works with current EDI processing
  • Ensures proper authorizations for purchase orders, invoices and vendors
  • Confirms that goods and services received match goods and services ordered
  • Avoids duplicate payments and ensures proper payment validation and authorization
  • Reduces follow-up phone calls and email requests
  • Enables an error-free P2P process


  • Sends purchase orders
  • Identifies inappropriate purchase authorization, over-limit or unauthorized requisitions
  • Receives order confirmations
  • Collects ASNs
  • Posts and reviews the receipt of goods and services
  • Identifies and notifies exceptions
  • Accepts and verifies invoices
  • Identifies inaccurate or un-issued credit memos
  • Issues accurate and timely payments
  • Status411 reports