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Distributed Order Managment (DOM)

UpNet's Distributed Order Management (DOM) system is an on-demand SaaS application designed to enable vendors/manufacturers to perform order-to-invoice functions in an e-commerce environment, without having to invest up-front resources and time for system development and implementation. Our capabilities are delivered directly into your ERP, PIM, or through any internet browser enabling a single record of truth between your internal systems and your customer's systems. Eliminating errors from your transactions, you can dramatically improve the quality of data used by downstream business processes such as invoicing, logistics, and procurement. With greater visibility and real-time management of orders, you can achieve the perfect order; right price, right quantity, right time.

Orders are received electronically, translated, and posted into DOM's database.  The recipients can login to the DOM system to review, accept/reject, and allocate (commit) the orders. Once the orders are allocated, the system will prepare the paperwork necessary to ship the orders: pick list, packing slip, bill of lading, and barcode shipping labels. The user has the ability to send electronic advance shipment notifications (ASN) to the purchaser and electronically invoice the purchaser. In addition to using DOM to process their orders, the user may update their internal system with the order and invoice information. The system is capable of generating user defined interface files at the same time the data is updated in the DOM database.

Order Visibility

Orders are automatically processed and loaded onto the OM database as soon as they are received by the iEDeX™ platform, at which time email notifications can be triggered to alert appropriate parties of new pending orders. The recipients can log onto the OM system to review, accept/reject, and allocate (commit) the orders. height="80" width="98" src="/images/upnet/content/supply-chain/OM/Order_Processing.jpg" alt="Order_Processing" />

Order Management & Processing

The system will calculate the cases, pallets, and trucks needed for the shipment in conjunction with the product allocations you define.  OM will assist your shipping operations by preparing the paperwork needed for the shipment, making the shipping data available for sending ASN (Advance Shipment Notification) to the buyers, if requested.  When the users don't need the Order Management system to provide shipping assistance or an ASN, the system can be configured to go from receiving orders directly to invoicing.

Order Reconciliation & Invoicing

Financial settlement is facilitated through OM in addition to integration. The system automatically generates sequential invoice numbers, numbering can be customized to match your current invoicing scheme.


Product Table

The Product table contains product specifications such as; product description, GTIN, UPC, UCC, case, pallet, cube, weight, NMFC number and class, and cost.

Carrier Table

The carrier table stores the carrier name and SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code) for use during the order management and processing phase.

Document Library

Aiding in the shipping operations phase, the document library automatically generates the required documentation in downloadable PDF format. The users can access the Pack Slip, Pick List, Bill Of Lading, and Barcode Shipping Labels.

Report Generator

The Order Management system provides the reporting function which enables the user to generate a selection of management and operation reports.

Search Function

OM's search function queries the database to facilitate record location based on one or more parameters.


UpNet's integrated Customer Compliance solution utilizing OM provides complete management transparency and accountability for customer activity and transactions. This workflow driven approach enables you to comply with the various requirements imposed by your customers, eliminating non-compliance penalties, reducing errors, increasing operational efficiency, and improving your speed to market.


  • Focus on business issues and problem solving, instead of order entry activities
  • Reduce rush orders and improve transportation efficiences
  • Streamline business and communication processes with your customers
  • Improve operational efficiency through error free orders
  • Increase customer satisfaction with enhanced order accuracy
  • Reduce carbon footprint to meet customer sustainability goals


  • Fully automates your order management process
  • Supports all order types including open POs and change orders
  • Unified visibility of customer orders
  • Continue to process orders without changing your current business practices
  • Automatically generate necessary shipping documents
  • Prepare, track and expedite back orders, case orders and new orders for shipping
  • Send advance shipping notices and invoices