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New Business Analytics Tool

By leveraging iEDeX™ innovative technology and unique features, UpNet has been able to customize a Business Analytics tool which harnesses data and delivers meaningful information. Business Analytics is a powerful addition to an overall Business Intelligence (BI) solution. Augmenting existing BI initiatives with expanded visibility to all parts of the supply chain, it will also provide a powerful solution for a company's first BI tool. Converting existing transactional data into valuable business information, management decisions will be informed by real-time information.

The Purpose of Data. The Creation of Information.

Organizations are swimming in data. Data about customers, suppliers, products, services, costs, prices. There is real-time data, episodic data, time sensitive data, and batch-based data feeds. There are data trends, analysis, and projections. In the end the data is not worth anything, until it is applied in a manner that supports the business goals.

Visibility to Data that Works

The data of an organization needs to work to support the business objectives. Data needs to be compiled and delivered in a manner that supports the time-sensitive decisions management needs to make about their business. The limits of programming weeks, project months, and software dollars should not be a barrier to getting data into the information to support critical decision making. Management's need for data that works is far too often met by excuses about the limitations and inflexibility of the current system deployments.

UpNet's Business Analytics tool is currently being used by customers to provide real time reporting on critical customer purchasing, store and product movement trends, and projections of future sales trends.


  • Makes it easy for users to freely explore business information by interactively drilling into and cross-tabulating data.
  • Provides speed-of-thought response times to complex analytical queries.
  • Present multi-dimensional data and allow users to select what data elements to explore.
  • Dashboard offers real-time view into data as it is processed.
  • IT spends less time responding to requests.
  • Business users spend less time looking for information.


  • Cube based data analysis
  • Mass customized reoccuring reports available
  • Dashboard provides real-time view as data is processed through iEDeX™ platform
  • Role based visibility
  • Merge external data with processed data for analytics
  • Export analytics to common file formats