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UpNet Participates in San Jose Business Journal Emerging Technology Awards

UpNet Technologies participated in the San Jose Business Journal's Emerging Technology awards and test marketed its new marketing campaign with a full page advertisement in the San Jose Business Journal. "We are coming out of hiding and introducing the technology world to our unique EDeX technology and the power it provides the leadership of companies."  Said Jennifer Amys, CEO of UpNet. The San Jose Business Journal's Emerging Technology Awards are an appropriate place to start that introduction.

UpNet has been quietly serving over 70 customers with breakthrough technology and quality service and is now ready to introduce their technology to new markets that need a cost effective and fast way to provide real time integration between disparate systems.

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UpNet Partners with Strategic Custom Solutions to Bring Best-of-Breed Software to Market

UpNet Technologies announced a partnership with Strategic Custom Solutions (SCS). SCS will incorporate UpNet's unique EDeX technology including its EDI, Merger & Acquisition, Data Collaboration, and Virtual ERP solutions into its portfolio of market best of breed solutions including a back up and disaster recovery solutions. "I am proud to represent the most exciting and cutting edge technology solutions in the market" said Danny Quam, Vice President of SCS.  "UpNet's EDeX technology provides our clients an ability to cost effectively and quickly integrate disparate systems  - and it always produces a Wow factor!"

UpNet is excited to have Danny and SCS providing their clients with a better, faster and more cost effective way to connect systems.  We are confident the UpNet services will add significant value to SCS's customers.

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UpNet installed Storage Area Network solution

To better serve customer requests, UpNet technology announced the installation of a storage area network solution in its data center operations. "The power of our EDeX technology ensures that every event-based data transaction is time stamped and stored, providing our customers unlimited transparency of their data relationships." Said UpNet CEO Jennifer Amys. "This new storage network will provide greater confidence in the accessibility and security of our unique capacity."

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Welcome to UpNet

Welcome to UpNetUpNet's Business Transformation Platform provides translation and integration services for managing event-based data between Trading Partners and Disparate Systems.

By connecting your trading partners, UpNet provides a platform for organizations to communicate and comply with their trading partners business and technical requriements. Tradng Partner Enbablement and Compliance is offered as a Service and SaaS solution so our customers can focus on their core compentencies. 

By connecting disparate systems, UpNet provides a platform for organizations to communicate critical business information and business process information along with complete transactional transparency.

Business applications are also deployed as needed to fulfill and enable the business process and compliance for all trading partners - Internal and External. Whether it is related to managing the Order to Cash or Purchase to Payment process - UpNet provides the means to manage the complete supply chain with business applications delivered within the SaaS solution.

This technology is based on Event Data Exchange (EDeX), eliminating the need for additional hardware, software, umbrella systems or additional resources.