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Introducing an innovative Scan-Based Ordering solution

Simplification of the replenishment process is now possible for manufacturers and their suppliers.

Minneapolis, MN

– UpNet Technologies, a leader in enabling businesses to effectively utilize technology through integration, has developed an innovative Scan-Based Ordering solution that provides a comprehensive order to stock process for merchants, warehouses, and manufacturers. This latest application from UpNet facilitates the simplification of order processes businesses need to reduce costs and increase order accuracy.

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Exposing the Barriers to Electronic Health Records

Barriers to HIE and the desire to achieve an interoperable HIT system remain key areas of focus for UpNet Technologies. We continue to pledge our support and strengthen our involvement because most HIE programs are still in the formation stages. Prof. S. Kachnowski and his colleagues published a review in JHIM on how the barriers to interoperability continue to expose the need for standards, security/privacy concerns, economic less to competitors, and integrated systems.

Barriers to Cross-Institutional Health Information Exchange - JHIM Vol. 24, Num. 3 / Summer 2010

UpNet expands their leadership team

UpNet, an experienced Innovator in providing next generation EDI technology, has announced that Jacqueline E. Bailey will join UpNet Technologies as the new Vice President of Sales. Bailey comes to UpNet with deep industry and client service experience combined with vast supply chain management and strategic business development insights.

Joining with a proven track record selling and implementing technology enabled solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, Bailey will conceptualize, implement, and lead the sales and marketing strategy for UpNet to continue its growth as a young innovation oriented company with proven industry results and expertise. 

UpNet adds new drop-ship vendors to support's DVS replatforming efforts

UpNet is pleased to announce the addition of new drop-ship vendors to support's Direct Vendor Ship Fulfillment Partner program. 

As part of the replatforming efforts, they will be transitioning to an in-house solution for DVS transactions.  This upcoming change will allow them to integrate Order Management.  All vendors will be required to transact with via EDI. UpNet's Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a perfect solution to support optimized direct to customer order fulfillment while ensuring strict compliance with trading partners. iEDeX™’s SaaS application provides comprehensive tools to manage inventory synchronization, order fulfillment, supply chain visibility, custom branding, and trading partner performance.

UpNet on-boarded new clients in half the allocated time demanded by Target, ensuring that they can meet the strict standards with little impact to their business operations. Instead of creating complexity or delays, the iEDeX™ platform enabled vendors to find new efficiencies in their fulfillment process and drastically improve relations with Target. 

For more information on UpNet's Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions: Retailer Solutions

UpNet introduces Logistics Network Manager 2.0

Leveraging experience and current relationships to develop a solution that meets and exceeds customer demands, UpNet is proud to bring to market the Logistics Network Manager 2.0. Creating intimate collaboration between all parties in the Supply Chain; this fast to deploy, fast to connect solution provides visibility into the supply chain activities and ensures timely and accurate information. 

UpNet’s on-demand, cloud-based Supply Chain Management Solution connects logistics providers, shippers, customers, carriers, vendors and partners. iEDeX™ and the SaaS Logistics Network provide a cost effective integration solution to facilitate the procurement of transportation services and take full advantage of internal ERP systems. This integration approach does not require any additional hardware or software investment beyond your current transportation management system (TMS), and it allows trading partners to use their existing EDI capabilities. Alternatively, if a trading partner does not have a pre-existing EDI capability, UpNet will provide the service.

"Traditional approaches to implementing and supporting connectivity can be expensive and time consuming. Our expertise in transportation logistics and our innovative iEDeX™ platform provided the insight to develop the Logistics Network Manager 2.0 solution. This solution has unlimited scalability, meeting customer demands while lowering transaction costs." said UpNet VP of Sales Jacqueline Bailey.