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Increasing the value of Big Data through Intelligent Data Integration

In recent years, Big Data has become the center of discussion for business managers. With (smart) technology becoming more mainstream, many companies are attempting to position themselves to be Big Data vendors. These new vendors collect information from customers, clients and outside data sources but don’t seem to integrate the data to present a complete picture of a situation; that is actionable. Now companies have an overload of “big data” that goes unused.

The truth is, data integration is the key to utilizing Big Data in order to receive the greatest value in Business Analytics, but there are few integration tools today that can do this. UpNet Technologies developed and owns a data integration platform that integrates any type of data and regardless the origination of the data. This enables companies to create customized Business Intelligence solutions that fit their entire business needs, a certain project, or even a specific process.

The relevancy of Big Data is a continue struggle of every business. We are accumulating data in a much faster pace. What are we going to do with the mountains of data? The answer lies on the intelligent integration of the associated data that can shine some lights on the not-so-obvious cause and effect relationship. Hence the data becomes “business intelligence” which provides the business managers to take appropriate steps to reinforce, correct or maintain the processes. With UpNet’s event based integration platform iEDeX™, your company is able to integrate any type of relevant data whenever and wherever without the high cost of implementation and at a faster speed to the market.