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Introducing UpNet Client Solutions Group

At the beginning of 2013, UpNet Technologies, Inc. introduced their newest division, the Client Solutions Group (UpNet CSG), led by Fredrick Blocton.  UpNet CSG aims to be the leading provider in innovative business solutions and PArtner relationship Management Programs (PRMP). 


Built on UpNet’s Methodology that, “any type of data can be exchanged”, the CSG Partner Relationship Management Program is designed for corporations and suppliers to easily and effectively communicate business matters and transactions, which will ultimately enhance business processes while reducing cost.  


Why Not Stick to Just Technology?


In today’s ever-changing marketplace, transparency and visibility between corporations and suppliers is invaluable.  Jennifer Amys, UpNet’s CEO, has worked diligently to develop and provide an integration technology that provides visibility for all parties involved (buyers and sellers).  However, with most businesses, there still seems to be a disconnect between the buyers and suppliers when it comes to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) and general productivity.


The CSG Partner Relationship Management Program (PRMP) will leverage the proven iEDeX™ technology to:


·         Provide real-time access to all information

·         Transact Daily Business

·         Enable Global Business Analytics and Compliance Reporting

·         Provide Seamless Integration with any software

·         Provide customized social business portals with defined views

·         Empower the business community


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