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UpNet's White Paper Presents a Better Model for Integration


The costs associated with one2one system integration can be nearly eliminated.

Minneapolis, MN – UpNet Technologies, a leader in enabling businesses to effectively utilize technology through integration, has published a white paper detailing the shift from a one2one system-based integration model to a many2many data driven model.

“The ongoing cost and challenges of integrating disparate systems inside and outside the firewall continues to be one of the greatest challenges CIOs face in the selection and deployment of new technology solutions for their enterprise," extracted directly from the whitepaper. "The financial and human resource capital associated with integrating new software into existing enterprise ecosystems usually results in direct proportionate hesitancy among a company’s technology leadership to act. While this may be in the best interest of the current system’s technology supplier, this dithering environment limits the ability of the CIO to make the strategic decisions required to improve enterprise platform performance and efficiency.”

Coauthored by Joseph Barisonzi, Senior Partner at Strategic Growth Initiative and Jennifer Amys, CEO of Upnet Technologies; this 10-page report reviews the current challenges and costs associated with the current dominant model for systems integration in the corporate environment. It goes further to propose an alternative approach which takes full advantage of UpNet’s proprietary proven technology.

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