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EDI and MFT Solutions

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the process of creating, transmitting and receiving documents between disparate systems. EDI is the accepted worldwide standard for structuring information to be electronically exchanged between and within businesses, organizations, and government entities.

Even though EDI has been facilitating the transfer of electronic documents between trading partners and organizations for three decades and can provide significant bottom-line benefits, less than 10% of businesses are taking full advantage of EDI. Unfortunately, most organizations have been faced with a number of challenges to using EDI including high implementation, maintenance, and support costs.

UpNet Technologies has developed a managed EDI service that needs no new hardware, software, or onsite staff resources. It is a technology called Event-Data Exchange (iEDeX™) that allows you to translate EDI data into the exact language and format your trading partner desires without the high cost of implementation and maintenance.

Benefits of iEDeX™

Eliminates One-to-One Mapping

Traditional EDI forces companies to maintain a unique relationship with each of their suppliers and customers. A data map is developed and supported for each unique connection. Any time one of these partners changes their system, the connection is reprogrammed. UpNet's iEDeX™ technology automatically converts data between existing systems based on the information retrieved from our libraries of specifications, standards, languages, and communication protocols.

Replaces the Hub-and-Spoke Model

In order to control costs, many large companies have created "hubs" and require their suppliers to conform to their standards and communication protocols. Hubs force trading partners to assume high initial and maintenance costs for fulfilling trading requirements. Suppliers maintaining such hubs are often unable to force their customers to adopt their system and therefore are required to maintain multiple systems or lose customers. iEDeX™ creates one transparent system for all your customers and trading partners.

Eliminates Costly Investment

A proliferation of companies have introduced hardware and software designed to improve the management of EDI. Most of these misleading solutions require the purchasing of expensive hardware, software and maintenance agreements. Too often smaller companies are required to double enter information into web forms or maintain different interfaces for different trading partners. When the marketing language is stripped away, the bottom line is that these solutions remain one-to-one mapping programs, often take months to implement, and are still very costly. iEDeX™ technology usually takes only days to implement, instead of months, with no capital investment required.

Managed Service

As a managed service provider, UpNet is the outsourced EDI provider – a business communication liaison handling all communication, testing, and compliance with trading partners. As trading partner's requirements change, UpNet quickly accommodates the request and ensures customer compliance. UpNet will support trading partners to make sure all necessary data can be exchanged. The UpNet account management team will provide your company and your trading partners with the highest level of service, providing an award-winning EDI department to represent you to your business partners.

Unique Features

Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a secure pickup and delivery service with monitoring and management functionality. Rule-based management governs the process to ensure ease of use and accuracy of the files transferred. iEDeX™ affords greater security to the transfer process protecting highly sensitive files delivering peace of mind.

LifeCycle Analyzer is a browser-based reporting function that provides you with a complete picture of the lifecycle of all your transactions – from purchase orders to shipment information and, finally, to invoices. This searchable database makes it possible for you to see this information by partner, by transaction, by document or by product item. This wrap-around transaction capability allows you to analyze the business process and synchronize supply chain activities.

Status411 is end-to-end processes tracking providing users with complete, up-to-the-minute information and exchange activities. iEDeX™ technology addresses a major shortcoming of many EDI systems: lack of accessibility and readability by end-users. Our web-based tracking and reporting system is designed to give everyone involved in your business – not just the IT staff – direct access to their transactional information for the purpose of monitoring, researching, reconciling and troubleshooting their business dealings.

Managed Compatibility Services help standardize the free flow of communication among trading partners, enabling effective communication between enterprises and suppliers who may use different business practices and terminology.

How to Improve Business Relationships

  • You can afford to do business with trading partners regardless of their enterprise size
  • Comply with all customer requirements, no matter their size, locality, or e-business capabilities
  • Exchange highly accurate transactions with trading partners in record time
  • No need to change business practices to connect with trading partners
  • Focus your attention on business departments and customers who need it most


  • Reduce the cost of doing business
  • Focus management attention and redirect resources to strategic projects
  • Eliminate the need to acquire EDI software and the associated annual maintenance fees
  • Eliminate the need to maintain expensive hardware and network platforms
  • Eliminate the need to recruit and retain specialized EDI resources
  • Improve your speed to market


  • Lifecycle visibility and accessibility increases your control
  • Synchronize your supply chain procedures
  • Reduce paper, manual entry, faxes and phone orders
  • Adopt the new technology without the upfront investment