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B2B Integration Solutions

Business processes are growing in complexity and becoming more dependent on outside "punch-out" data sources to be completed. Manual methods of gathering this data often lead to mis-information, lack of accountability, and delays in process completion. Leveraging the iEDeX™ platform, you are able to automate data capture and validation activities. To complete your business processes, your company may require employment and address validation, trading settlements, or testing results from partners. iEDeX™ enables utilization of these partner capabilities to fulfill the business needs of your company and provide visibility, control, and lower total cost of ownership. Flexibility and integration of your disparate systems, suppliers, and partners makes the complex simple.


iEDeX™ can be deployed to produce superior results by integrating the series of events within your enterprise-wide solution. iEDeX™ enables systems to drop off and pickup data to perform and take action as intended. The solution is fast to deploy, fast to connect, non-invasive with real-time processing, enabling dexterity and utilization of your infrastructure. Delivering efficiency and realizing increased value from your existing assets.


  • Minimize the required customer support structure
  • Reduce mis-information issues by accessing other party's data
  • Increase the speed of new customer deployment
  • Enhance accountability of people and process
  • Eliminate costs through business process automation
  • Gain visibility into external data and events


  • Complete the process by accessing other party's information
  • Quickly connect to third party infrastructure
  • Fit within your current business processing
  • Ability to verify external data