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Collaborative Trading Partner Network

Your Trading Partner Network is a complex set of relationships required to achieve your desired business results. To operate efficiently and facilitate collaboration, all parties within the ecosystem must communicate at the same level. Unfortunately, valuable technical resources are too often consumed by a small number of trading partners whose technical or operational systems do not meet minimum standards. UpNet's Customer Enablement solution empowers your business to cost effectively, and professionally serve all of your customers from a single fast to connect B2B e-Commerce platform.


Through the Trading Partner Network, you will be able to process more orders with fewer resources, ultimately improving your bottom-line. Our capabilities are delivered directly to your newly enabled customer in the format they need. Regardless of their system, your customer will have real-time access to a set of tools that will manage their orders during the entire process.

Customer Enablement provides a standardized platform for serving your tertiary customers, enabling them to leverage your existing EDI process. Our solution refocuses the time of your sales and support teams from tactical customer service duties, to strategic identification of new revenue opportunities. In this environment, all business partners must communicate and collaborate closely to deliver the right product at the right time to the right customers.


  • Minimize the required customer support structure
  • Eliminate inaccuracies and pricing discrepancies
  • Enable collaboration with trading partners of all technical capabilities
  • Eliminate most phone and fax orders
  • Increase the speed of new customer deployment
  • Utilize existing iEDeX™ process integration with your tertiary customers
  • No change in current business processing


  • Fast to connect in both fully managed and do it yourself on-boarding
  • Accomodates all geographies
  • Full visibility and transparancy to all data
  • Ability to automate all activities
  • Real-time exchange of trading partner data
  • Confirm pricing and terms at the point of entry