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Fox Packaging

Fox Packaging Fulfills Customers Compliance Requirements with UpNet

Fox Packaging staffed an internal EDI team that struggled to effectively communicate purchase to payment information with over 40 customers.  They even had to rely on the support of external consultants to keep up with programming and testing. Fox Packaging was no longer able to maintain relationships with customers including all the big box retailers.  In addition, the internal team had a difficult time keeping up with the constantly changing rules and requirements of every customer. Multiple portals required unique programming. Different systems required Fox Packaging to set up parallel workflow systems. Soon, the costs rose sharply and compliance became a significant issue.  They were close to losing one of their biggest customers.

That's when Fox Packaging chose to partner with UpNet Technologies. UpNet was able to quickly deploy solutions across the entire customer chain to immediately address customer concerns. By acting as an extension of the Fox Packaging EDI department, UpNet's solutions freed up the resources of the internal IT team to focus on mission critical functions while at the same time allow Fox Packaging to maintain a single business workflow and comply with every one of their customer's unique rules and requirements.