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iEDeX Exchange

UpNet'siEDeX™ Exchange is a many-to-many transaction exchange engine. It enables participants to exchange Electronic Health Records (EHR) with any healthcare organization using the participants preferred structure, while facilitating the participant's compliance with HIE requirements.

iEDeX™ Exchange provides interoperability that maintains a smooth data flow across the entire network. Through enhanced visibility, data flows can be monitored and reported in real-time. As a resolution platform, a web-based transaction comparison tool is provided allowing you and other participants to share the same view of detailed exchanged transactions, in the same format. To be an effective information factory, transparency to consumers and participants (who have the proper credentials) is essential. iEDeX™ Exchange allows real-time or batch inquiries on various types of data (ranging from clinical data, eligibility data, claim data, administrative data to billing, etc) from multiple sources to streamline work flow process and provide analytical capabilities.

EDeX HIE Cloud

Why iEDeX™ Exchange?

iEDeX™ exchange is a many to many transaction exchange engine that supports interoperability by:

  • Integrating and standardizing high volumes of data passing through multiple healthcare trading partners such as health plans, clearing houses, and benefit administrators
  • Translating messages coming from trading partners in different formats like X12,HL7, XML, and proprietary format into a standard format that can be viewed online
  • Supporting both batch based and real time responses
  • The system can receive and display any or all of the HIPAA mandated ANSI ASC X12 transactions between healthcare trading partners


  • A many to many transaction exchange engine
  • Participants can exchange data/documents with any trading partners, using participant preferred structure
  • Web-based technology and low monthly fee structure
  • Smooth data interchange due to interoperability
  • Web-based transaction comparison tool allows you and your vendor to share the same view of detailed exchanged transactions, in the same format
  • Utilizes encryption technology for data security
  • Allows real time or batch inquiries on various type of data
  • Allows participants to check claim status online
  • Allows participants to sign up for direct deposits and payroll interface
  • Maintains ease in the workflow process