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Supplier Solutions


  • iEDeX™™ Integration Foundation. This allows for seamless integration with any ERP, SCM or CRM utilized by your Corporate Partners
  • Web-based Order Management System. This enables Suppliers to transact business through the Portal for the complete order-to-cash cycle, when needed.


On Boarding

  • Register through the PRMP portal.
  • Ability to sign onto the portal to browse the corporation opportunities.
  • Ability to review its own KPI reports and to take proactive corrective actions.

Providing the Backroom Operational System when Needed

  • Ability to transact business electronically with corporations, without additional internal resources.
  • Leverage one system to satisfy multiple corporations' requirements.
  • Receive training and technical support as needed.
Integration with the Internal System if Desired
  • The PRMP will send the PO from the corporation, to the supplier's own system.
  • The PRMP will deliver the invoice from supplier's system, to the appropriate corporations.
  • All other necessary business documents can be exchanged electronically between supplier's system and corporation's systems.


  • Obtain timely business opportunities.
  • Register once; the registration information can be leveraged by multiple corporations.
  • Receive the KPI performance report in a timeframe where corrective actions can be taken.
  • Settle disputes with actual data.
  • Comply with the corporations' business requirements.
  • Leverage the results of doing business electronically such as accuracy of information; and the ability to scale to increase business without the expenses of adding staff.
  • One system to satisfy various corporations' data requirements.