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Corporate Solutions

PRMP program is a balanced and reliable solution that services both Corporations and vendors/suppliers.

The UpNet PRMP program is built on an integrated foundation where the data can be shared, with the proper security credentials. It leverages iEDeX™ integration technology to provide visibility for all parties involved; transparency among various business processes; and with the speed to information, the timely data enables proactive and preventive actions.


  • Customized corporation portal incorporating each corporation's unique requirements.
  • Vendor's and Supplier's own view. The view configuration varies with the business they are transacting through the Portal
  • iEDex integration foundation is capable of integrating data from various systems used by the corporation, achieving seamless integration with vendors/suppliers.
  • Web based Application systems, from Order Management System, SRM system, Logistics Management System, to Inventory management, enabling vendors/suppliers to transact business through the Portal when needed.

Module Based Services

Vendor/Supplier On Boarding Program

On boarding selected suppliers/vendors. If the vendor is not in the market pool, they will need to register on the PRMP portal with all the required information and certifications.

  • Enable to do business with wide pool of vendors/suppliers electronically to eliminate costly manual process.
  • Increase process accuracy and end to end visibility.
  • Define KPI's by type of project, or by a specific vendor;
  • Analyze the type of data required from the project; such as on time delivery, order fill rate, order return rate.
  • Determine subjective measurements such as quality and gather additional input criteria.
Integration with Internal Systems When Required

PRMP has the built in integration capability to achieve automated business transaction flows, such as:

  • Order to Cash Cycle
  • Purchase to Pay Cycle
  • eInvoicing
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • B to B Collaboration

PRMP can also obtain the above data through integration process with the corporation's existing systems, and /or from its partners' systems. Assuming the required data currently exists in an electronic format.

KPI/Compliance Reporting

  • Accumulate transactional data into a normalized database.
  • The database will also store the tiered supplier relationship. It accommodates multiple tiers of supplier relationships.
  • Customize the reporting requirements
  • Provide online query functions with drill down capabilities.


  • Obtain timely business opportunities.
  • Register once; the registration information can be leveraged by multiple corporations.
  • Receive the KPI performance report in a timeframe where corrective actions can be taken.
  • Settle disputes with actual data.
  • Comply with the corporations' business requirements.
  • Leverage the results of doing business electronically such as accuracy of information; and the ability to scale for increased business, without the expenses of adding staff.
  • One system to satisfy various corporations' data requirements.