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Partner Relationship Management Program

Partner Relationship Management is the missing piece that fully connects and completes the Business-to-Business (B2B) puzzle. While many companies deploy Vendor Management Systems (VMS) to manage their vendors, there continues to be a disconnect when it comes to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) and the real-time access to decision making information.

UpNet CSG's Partner Relationship Management Program (PRMP) leverages the iEDeX™ integration technology, providing access to once unattainable data to formulate Stakeholder KPIs while also delivering global data analytics and reporting. As a fast to deploy business transformation solution, iEDeX™ connects, collaborates and provides control of the information flow.

UpNet's PRMP utilizes our full life cycle methodology. We work with stakeholders to identify and quantify business issues, gather requirements and determine what KPIs and other metrics should be used to measure partner performance. Through collaboration with internal and external stakeholders we establish baselines for performance and expectations. We communicate "accountability" as the key element of each step in the process.

Our PRMP is built on an integrated foundation where the data can be shared, with the proper security credentials. It leverages the iEDeX™ integration technology to provide visibility for all parties involved; transparency among various business processes; and with the speed to information, the timely data enables proactive and preventive actions.

Creating a Community of People, Information and Process, in Real-Time.

  • Empower the Business Community
  • Customized Social Business Portals with defined views
  • Seamless integration with ANY Software
  • Transact Daily Business
  • Enable Global Business Analytics and Compliance Reporting
  • Management Oversight - Unmanaged Spend
  • No need for costly Software/Hardware
  • One-time Registration; leveraged by all stakeholders