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Compliance Platform



SmartCOMP™ is the next generation tracking solution for all businesses utilizing the collection and integration of data to transparently connect stakeholders, vendors and their community in a social marketplace. An innovative and dynamic solution comprised of customizable management tools designed to help your business manage multiple projects, contract compliance, work resources and generate reports faster, easier and in real-time.

The unique and customizable design of SmartCOMP™ , gives a great deal of flexibility as your business and project needs change in the future. Adding new applications and features requires minimal effort. The software is designed for adaptability to address your immediate project administration and compliance needs today, and your unforeseen needs in the future.



SmartCOMP™ is designed with highly configurable sets of modules that will improve data accuracy by eliminating duplicate efforts and easily maintain records to demonstrate full control of your projects.  Each module can be customized to fit your business requirements and can easily adapt to any changing business needs in the future.

Project Administration

The Project Administration Module is the “gate keeper” module of the program.  Users with Project Administration access are able to:

- Create new projects

- Assign contractors and subcontractors to projects

- Track approval, status and history for any project

- Navigate Change Order Management

- View subcontractor list for each Project

Contract Compliance

Each project and contract is recorded in the SmartCOMP™ database, including detailed project information, any categories and subcategories (subject to your business requirements) and any further devisions into carious project activities.  Once the project is underway, the system will track the progress and compliance status in real-time. 

Wage Compliance

The Wage Compliance module collects local, state and/or federal wage regulations and validates them against data entered by contractors and subcontractors.  Designed with an online query capability to review the wage by wage decision and by craft.

Workforce Reporting

Collect, manage and verify your contractor's and subcontractor's workforce hours.  This module also allows you to create reports.